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Upgrade policy


Upgrade subscription


The licensee is required to take an upgrade subscription when buying a new emagiC CMS.Net license. During the upgrade subscription period, the licensee will receive, on demand, any new release of emagiC CMS.Net at no additional cost. The upgrade subscription may be terminated at the end of each period of 1 year.
During your upgrade subscription period, you also get a staging and development key valid for that period.



Upgrade emagiC CMS (ASP) to emagiC CMS.Net


Further development of emagiC CMS (ASP) (Active Server Pages) has been discontinued since 2008.  The latest version (v 5.0) has been supported until the end of 2009.  Notice that your upgrade subscription for emagiC CMS (ASP) remains valid to move to emagiC CMS.Net. We strongly advise to do so because emagiC CMS (ASP) is not compatible with new browser (IE) versions and/or operating systems.

emagiC CMS.Net review



emagiC CMS.Net v4.0 has been reviewed by asp.netPRO. Read the article in their magazine (May 2007) or go to the 'Product Reviews' section on the asp.netPRO website.

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