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Every website is different. This is why emagiC CMS.Net was designed as a scalable framework with modules. Using the standard modules, a web developer can build a complete website in just a few days. Thanks to the large number of optional modules, it is possible to extend the website in any conceivable way on the basis of the same framework.


The modules provide the best solution for the management of any type of content whatsoever, both free text or images and structured content such as catalogues, news items, press releases, job vacancies, etc. Web developers can even develop modules themselves and add existing applications to meet the end user’s specific requirements. To make that possible, the system provides all necessary coding templates and an application programming interface (API) with over 3,000 functions.

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emagiC CMS.Net v4.0 has been reviewed by asp.netPRO. Read the article in their magazine (May 2007) or go to the 'Product Reviews' section on the asp.netPRO website.

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